The wellness centre is an invitation to a complete change of scenery and escape in a place entirely dedicated to your relaxation. Inspired by the world’s highest peaks, the Spa Montagnes du Monde® through its decor, equipment, treatments and rituals will transport you to where you will find all the serenity you need after a day in the mountains.

Swimming pool

Heated all year round to 28°, the indoor infinity pool in the Alpen Lodge Hotel & Spa offers you the ideal temperature for a moment’s relaxation.


Children’s pool

The pool suitable for the youngest ones enables the whole family to get the most out of moments of rest and relaxation in complete safety.

Steam room

With a temperature of 50 degrees, 90% humidity, aromatic essences... the Spa Montagnes du Monde® hammam will help you ease your body’s tensions.


Toxins and aches will be eliminated thanks to the dry, tonic heat of the Spa Montagnes du Monde®.

Whirlpool bath

Treat yourself to a wellness interlude immersed in the indoor hot tub: ideal after a day’s walking or skiing.


Exclusive to Spa Montagnes du Monde®

At the spa in the Alpen Lodge Hotel & Spa, you can enjoy facilities exclusive to the Spa Montagnes du Monde® concept under the MGM banner.

Spa Suite

Discover the spa suite equipped with a double bath and a private hammam for a relaxing moment for two. Ideal for having a massage, relaxing in a bath of essential oils and enjoying the benefits of the humid heat in the hammam as a couple.

Treatment cabins

The decor in the Alpen Lodge Hotel & Spa’s single and double treatment cubicles promotes relaxation in an interlude of pure wellness. Our experienced spa practitioners will help you experience an exceptional moment courtesy of their service, their savoir-faire and their perfect mastery of the protocols. For our treatments we use the expertise of Pure Altitude© products, a range of cosmetics made from mountain plants.

Sensory shower

Tropical rain, Mediterranean rain, cold mist, Niagara rain... let yourself be transported by our sensory shower’s four programmes. Hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, luminotherapy, musicotherapy and aromatherapy combine to bring you a moment of absolute relaxation.


Nordic bath

After a session in the sauna or hammam, plunge into a cold bath where the water temperature is 5°. Previously dilated by the heat, your blood vessels will contract and so reactivate your circulation.

Himalayan Salt Wall Relaxation Room

After a treatment or a massage at Spa Montagnes du Monde® settle into one of the heated, massaging armchairs in the relaxation room at the Himalayan Salt Wall.

Enjoy the benefits of halotherapy combined with chromotherapy to ease your tensions.











A number of rituals in the day or over 3 days are available to you at the Alpen Lodge’s spa.

Rituals for a couple, mother-daughter, father-son, sports, anti-stress, detox…

Choose the formula which suits you best.

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Sensory journey

The Spa Montagnes du Monde® sensory journey in the Alpen Lodge Hotel & Spa is an invitation to relax and recharge your batteries.


1 Plunge into water heated to 27° in the hotel’s swimming pool to start your moment of relaxation. Your tensions will gradually evaporate and your muscles will relax.

2 Take a break and head for the hot tub. The pressure of a hydro-massage will bring you deep relaxation.

3 To ease your aches and pains and to decongest your muscles, go into the sauna heated to 80°. Your skin, detoxified and firmed, will regain its glow.

4 Follow Finnish tradition by plunging into the Nordic bath where the water temperature is previously dilated by the heat of the sauna, your blood vessels will contract and your blood and lymphatic circulation will be reactivated.

5 Then plunge into the vapours of the steam room. Moist heat purifies and cleans the skin, while the pores expand and release accumulated toxins. You will be rewarded with a fresh and bright complexion.

6 Take a cold shower to close your pores again and your skin will become more beautiful and firmer.

7 Then take a trip in the sensory shower: tropical rain, Mediterranean rain, cold mist, Niagara rain.

8 It’s now time to choose the treatment or massage which best suits your needs and expectations.

9 When you come out, take advantage of the relaxation room at the Himalayan Salt Wall. You will be offered a tisane or fruit juice to complete your ritual in style.

After enjoying this signature MGM moment, you will feel soothed and relaxed.

Treatments and massages

The Alpen Lodge Hotel’s spa offers you a wide range of treatments. Facials and body treatments with exclusive protocols oriented towards nature and pleasure.

Pure Altitude© products

Pure Altitude© treatments and rituals combine the beneficial properties from antioxidant and re-mineralising mountain plants. Recognised for their precious cosmetic virtues courtesy of their star ingredient: edelweiss. This high-mountain plant has adapted and grows in a difficult natural habitat. So your skin gains a powerful natural protection against the signs of aging and external damage.

The treatment menu

Facials and body treatments, massages, beauty treatments, rituals by the day or over several days, gift ideas … Discover all our treatments and rituals by looking at our menu

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